Discover the Transformative Experiences of Our Participants

Everyone needs to expereince this, get rejuvenated and go back to their lives, I had done retreats earlier also but this was different, it was magical, beautiful, calming, comforting and I felt at home, Rakhi's and Ashish's approach towards the participants is different, they make you feel like a friend and at home, here I learnt that I need to take the charge of my own life and become so emotionally strong that nothing can waiver me.
Vineeta Garg
I am so happy that I took this decision to attend this retreat. It was an amazing experience, I am taking back so many things from here and the most important is how to share your love with others. The ways of meditations and the life through ayurveda session was really impressive. The kirtan sessions were magical, they made me have a deeper connect with me. It was an amazing, relaxing, soothing and magical experience.
Era Verma
New Delhi
This retreat is a great start to help me to tap into my fullest potential, i could feel that all the negativity was moving out of my body. I feel very very satisfied, my heart is full, i have never felt like this ever in my life. I feel This world is not in a need of more politicians, doctors or engineers or policy makers, this world is in need of more healers and peace makers, this world needs people like ashish and rakhi, I wish them that they flourish.
Pranidhi Gupta
My experience at Anubhuti retreat was like a movie, there were tears in the form of emotional release, there was laughter, dance, love, connection and definitely a lot of main character epiphanies. You leave with relief, energy and tools that will help you see life more purposefully. In those 4 days, I lived authentically; aligned with nature and myself. I will definitely be coming back soon with my family because I believe it is imperative for everyone to face themselves, know themselves and be content with who they are which Rakhi and Ashish assist you with. Their guidance is impeccable and brimming with love. I have left with a better version of myself, with a lot of love in my heart, and also made friends for life.
Ishita Sharma
I dont know how i ended up here, my google search was where to go to study how to take care of myself and somehow i ended up here. The Last years of my life have been quite difficult, many things happening, i felt so lost, i lost the trust in myself and the world, in everything. So anxious so sad, i started reading self help books but the situation was the same and same and same. So what was missing was the intention to commit to myself. What i did here was really cutting the chord, what I really learnt here is to not only just know these things but to be the living example of it. We need to be the living example of love and kindness. I commit to taking care of myself, i know what i want to do in my life and how i want to do it.
Natasha Sylvia
Cancrinus, Italy
They take you home, they take you where you feel very safe, secure and calm, you feel no worries can touch you, they take you there somewhere you feel everything is soooo good, These guys definitely have a divine touch, these guys are transforming lives, I had never experienced any thing like this before, it was an out of the world experience for me. Never ever I thought that something like this could be served to people like us, to make us get back to basics, i am going back to my roots, things I had completely completely forgotten in this rat race I realized here, I had forgotten that I am a human first and then a robot second, and this was an eye opener for me. Over all an enriching experience.
Priti Dutta
Yamuna Nagar
Here we learnt how to shed off the weight from our mind and heart, so many times we dont even know that we are carrying so much of baggage with us, that was been taken off here, all the answered were been answered here, the ayurveda sessions were too good, learnt so much about life through ayurveda which normal people dont even know about and we end of ignoring it. Very very good experience. The team is amazing and spreading love, love and love. They have taught us to live life to the fullest. It was full of positivity retreat.
Vipin Garg
New Delhi
This is something every one of us needs to do. I have done couple of things before like this, i have done vipasana, i have done couple of meditation sessions, therapies and counsellings but this is altogether a different experience.. It was really a very nice experience for me, i felt myself here, at the end of the whole procedure it was not me or the other people, it was just ONENESS of everything. Everything became one for me. I wish these guys all the luck and we will always be there as the strongest pillar wherever they need it.
Gururaj Kunjeer
I have always been a strong girl with huge motivations but you know being strong for enormous years just makes you weaker inside .I attended Anubhuti retreats because my husband wanted me to experience it once.The facilitators Rakhi and Ashish are so magical to be with! The wholesome experience I had in their sessions -Everyone I mean Everyone deserves to feel once in their lifetime.Being strong I realised what was stopping me from growing into the most happy human being .I am re-living my life in the most desirable way just because of Anubhuti Retreats. Re-imagined & Re-love your life! Everyone needs it...mark my words❣
Sonial Nagpal
New Delhi
I come from very hectic and ambiguous work schedules plus my mind is always filled with thoughts and people speaking in the head which led to lot of self hate , guilt , insecurity, restlessness and doubt , too much judgemental. Plus I came with a lot of full cup that this retreat won't do much . But this entire journey of 4 days has been empowering , i cud accept my self , soothing and brought a sense of peace harmony and love for my self . I am 33 and i thing as far as I rem for last 10 15 year's , my head is always been heavy and at days lot of pain on my face . And during this retreat when i did the breathing exercise , on 3rd day for the first time I felt so light in my head that I felt my head is not there only .it was so relaxing and soothing I can't stay still ( without moving ) for more than 30 secs and m very restless but during this retreat i cud be in still position for more than 20 mins which was very empowering and build so much self confidence back in me . Rakhi and Ashish take care of each person with infinity love throughout the day I felt the care from them , I felt the hand on me saying im with you and it's ok what u going through. I always use to wonder how does 1 feel when they say, somone was there for them . And in this retreat after pouring out all the things and the darkest moments of your life , i felt that for the first time that support and Love , without any judgement and it instilled lots and lots of love . This retreat was full of fun and love that it fills u up so much that when u back in the normal world post this retreat, this love given becomes ur strength to practice what u experienced in the retreat. I love them and they can be anything , ur buddy , ur guru , ur partner , ur best friend , ur launda dost , ur family ... literally anything For me Ashish became my Launda dost jiskey bas sath rehney sey hi majaa aney lagta hai And Rakhi is my angel who just fills me with love and love and love​
Melvin Salvadore
Anubhuti Retreat is a place where we connect with Nature – Mother Earth and with ourselves. It is a place where we shed away all our fake identities and we live our true self being. I have attended around five retreats organized by Rakhi and Ashish. In each retreat, I have new experiences and new realizations. However, those experiences can’t be explained in words, they are just felt in each and every cell of our mind and body upon opening up of blocked channels and energies. Each location is selected so carefully to enable us to connect and feel the beautiful nature created by the Universe. Each retreat is so well designed and delivered that it touches each and every aspect of our life; physical health, emotional and mental state, social connection, and spirituality. After every retreat, I feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed. Such a state helps a lot in improving my productivity and efficiency in all spheres of my professional and personal life. I can spend more time with my family & friends and simultaneously work more for my professional growth. I truly live a balanced life. I would like to thank Rakhi and Ashish deep from the bottom of my heart for helping me to connect with myself, experience true happiness, keep myself healthy and energetic, enjoy my relationships, and bring positive changes in all aspects of my life. Thanks a lot.🤗❤🥰👍
Amrish Garg
New Delhi
Coming from a different faith of practice, I was initially sceptical to attend Anubhuti Retreat. However, the quest to find the Divine and answers to some of my deep insightful questions paved my path towards Anubhuti. The hunger to seek answers was stronger than my conditional belief and patterns that I had grown up with.At Anubhuti I had the most unique and mystical experiences. It was a journey from one end to the other, and Anubhuti was that bridge. From feelings of uncertainty/fear and doubts; to getting transported to a trance like environment of stillness, calmness and serenity. From crying out of guilt; to crying tears of joy. From saying life is a mess and no motivation to enjoy life ; to springing up each morning with love, gratefulness and seeing how I’ve been blessed with a life of abundance.. All of this in the 5days of Retreat. I wasn’t even sure what to expect, what to seek, but all I knew that this was my calling. They say what you seek is seeking you … and I found the true happiness, peace, joy and happiness all within ME. This revelation changed my life.I would encourage everyone who can relate to what I’ve gone through to come and experience this beautiful soul searching journey to blissfulness, love and joy.
Namrata Salvadore