RATRICHARYA – Your Guide to Ayurvedic Night Rituals to preserve health

Not long time ago, before the invention of electricity, when the sun went down and the last candle burnt down, humans would also retire to bed, so people used to live much more with the rhythm of nature. Today, however, people are getting more and more disconnected from nature, which leads to many diseases.

Ayurveda recommends a nightime regime, which takes place from 6pm to 6am and is called Ratricharya. Having a proper night time regime ensures that we can wake up early and start the day full of energy. It is important to know that the day actually starts the evening before, because our choices in the evening determine how we feel in the morning.

Practices that are recommended during this time are:

1. Have a light dinner between 6PM and 8PM : Some examples of food that is light to digest are moong dal, cooked vegetables. Make sure that you can digest the food before you go to sleep.

2. Take a 100 step walk after dinner.

3. Sit in Vajrasana/ lie down on your left side for 10-15mins

4. Switch off the bright white light,use dim/yellow light in your homes which will help induce sleep.

5. Switch off your electronic devices at least 1 or 2 hours before sleep.

6. Brush your teeth and clean your tongue.

7. Soak feet in luke warm water(salt water) which helps the nerves,eyes and foot muscles get relaxed.

8. Massage your feet (pada abhyanga) with Ghee. It will help to remove pitta from the body and help you to become more relaxed. According to Ashtanga Hridayam foot massage is recommended daily.

9. Kansa bowl massage: Rub the soles of the feet of your elders as well as yours with the kansa(bronze) bowl which helps in releasing all the electrostatic charge/excitement of the body and make you feel relaxed.

10. Pranayama : Anulom-vilom/ Bhramari Pranayama just before you sleep helps calm the mind, draw the attention inwards and balance vata dosha.

11. Go to sleep early, latest by 10PM: Sleeping before 10 PM, gives you the best quality of sleep.

Experience the serenity and deep relaxation, that comes with embracing these mindful practices and be sure to share with others as well.

Happy and blissful life to everyone 🙏❤✨

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