Attach To Detach

Often, attachment is considered the cause of our sufferings, pain, hurt, and heartaches. Too much attachment to the external world can give rise to numerous expectations within ourselves, leaving us disappointed, emotionally drained, and saddened. The key to overcoming this immense pain is surely detachment. But think about it, is it even easy for us to detach from all our relationships, dependencies on others?

Detachment is the only way that can help us lead a more blissful, content, and expectation-free life, but practicing detachment is one of the most difficult things. And whenever we have to make a difficult choice in life, it activates our sympathetic nervous system, making us more anxious, agitated, and restless. This pushes us further away from our core. So, what’s the solution?

The solution is actually ATTACHMENT itself.
You must be wondering how?

Now just picture yourself being completely attached and involved in this moment as you read this post; you will find yourself getting detached from everything else in your life. Attachment is actually complete involvement in the present moment with whatever you are doing. So when you are completely involved in the present moment with whatever you are doing, you are naturally detached from everything else, as if nothing else exists in your life.

So don’t waste your energy detaching yourself; instead, invest yourself in being involved and attached to the happenings of the present moment, which is now and this now is also constantly changing. You become a part of this constant change, experiencing it fully while remaining detached from it, knowing that this too will change, making you just a pure observer.

Life becomes playful, reducing all the sufferings from life✨✨✨

Attach yourself to this moment to detach yourself from everything else💕

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